Watch Nils-Erik Ekblom’s & Marko S. Eronen’s doc NIGHTMARE (2008) online

I’ll be on Finnish local television tomorrow (4.9) at 07:30 AM talking about my experiences with Sleep Paralysis! I was asked to be in the program because I made a documentary about the subject with my good friend Marko S. Eronen. It was our thesis project at AXXELL City (page in Swedish/Finnish only). Completing this film was pretty much what made it clear to me that I want to make movies.

Nightmare is a highly personal and subjective documentary about my lifelong struggle with the phenomena and general problems caused by constant sleepless nights. I decided to link the full film here as there might be people interested in the subject.
Here’s the link to the film’s webpage.
- Wikipedia entry on Sleep Paralysis.

See ya!
- Nisse

LBS @ LONDON Portobello Filmfestival this Friday (31 Aug)!

Hey guys!

You can catch Love Between Storeys at London Portobello filmfestival on Friday (31 Aug) between 6 – 11 PM. PFF is an independent international film festival based in London, which annually premiers over 700 new films, including features, shorts, documentaries, music films and animation. (Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, W10 5JJ)
Portobello Film Festival.
Festival Programme .pdf (info of show on page 9)

- Nisse

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Love Between Storeys Online!

Love Between Storeys went online on Valentine’s Day 2012, 5PM GMT!

If you enjoy the film, please like us on Facebook and spread the word by sharing and recommending it! Our 10 080 Minutes of Free Love shows will continue around Europe all week, and Making Love Between Storeys kicks into full gear tomorrow!

Happy Valentine’s Week!


The LBS Team

Valentine’s Week Showtimes

Love Between Storeys will be online for a week starting tomorrow, 14th of February at 5 PM GMT on YouTube.

Besides being online we have free shows around Europe. Our showtimes are the following: Continue reading »

Heads up! We have treats for film buffs and filmmakers alike!

We have three big announcements for both film buffs and DIY film-makers:

First of all: the film will be free on YouTube for a week starting Valentine’s. Continue reading »

Face of Jesus Teaser goes live!

To celebrate Finland’s independence day, we decided to go online with our teaser. Enjoy, folks ;) !

- Nisse

Our Official Soundtrack is now Streamable!

Did you catch our movie at one of our shows and liked the music, or are you a fan of alternative indie folk pop? Then we have good news for you! Our whole soundtrack is now fully streamable at soundcloud, or right here at!

Continue reading »


I want to start this post by saying on the behalf of the LBS team:


It’s exactly a week ago when my mind went ”Holy crap – these meatballs are great”, when I blissfully clogged my heart at restaurant Tori while lunching with the core team and Lyston and Aurélie. Continue reading »

Twelve days to the premiere

About four weeks ago we made the decision that we will have our premiere in the beginning of November, and now it looks like it’s really coming together! Club Between Storeys is well on its way and the club-posters went to print yesterday (the one’s you see above are early drafts John whipped together while being bedridden). Continue reading »

Helsinki Short Film Festival

Love Between Storeys has been chosen to Helsingin lyhytelokuvafestivaali (Helsinki Shortfilm festival)!

Now we have our first festival show!

In other news:

Yesterdays NordMatch show was completeley frickin’ awesome. More on that later.


- Nisse

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