LBS @ LONDON Portobello Filmfestival this Friday (31 Aug)!

Hey guys!

You can catch Love Between Storeys at London Portobello filmfestival on Friday (31 Aug) between 6 – 11 PM. PFF is an independent international film festival based in London, which annually premiers over 700 new films, including features, shorts, documentaries, music films and animation. (Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, W10 5JJ)
Portobello Film Festival.
Festival Programme .pdf (info of show on page 9)

- Nisse

Filmjournalen: LIVE!

The one and only Finnish-Swedish Film magazine Filmjournalen is throwing a free bash at Kino Andorra, so we’re going back to where we arranged Club Between Storeys back in November.

The one day festival screens Swedish shorts from Finland all day on April 14, 2012. Love Between Storeys kicks off the festival along with a slew of other fresh films at 11 AM.

Filmjournalen LIVE! Facebook Event

That’s Kino Andorra Eerikinkatu 11, Helsinki | April 14, 2012 | 11 AM | Free Entry

Filmjounalen also ran a big centerfold piece on Love Between Storeys in their first issue of 2012, which was great! Look at what it looks like:

Wanna read what they said? Learn Swedish and buy your own copy. This one's mine.

VERA filmfestival

The festival circuit continues, now in the Finnish archipelago!

Love Between Storeys will be screening at the VERA film festival in Mariehamn, the Aland Islands, at 21:20 on Wednesday March 23rd. We’ll be taking the ferry there to represent!

Here’s the link

Valentine’s Week Showtimes

Love Between Storeys will be online for a week starting tomorrow, 14th of February at 5 PM GMT on YouTube.

Besides being online we have free shows around Europe. Our showtimes are the following: Continue reading »

Ekenäs FilmFest

January 22nd in Ekenäs. 2 pm onwards. Ekenäs FilmFest info here (SWE).

Findie Doc. & Mr Smith

January 19th at Kino Andorra, Helsinki (Eerikinkatu 11). 6 pm onwards (no entry fee).

Helsinki Short Film Festival – 8th of Nov, 15:00 ->

Our next show will be at Helsinki Short Film Festival the 8th of November from 3 PM onwards, at Kino Andorra (Eerikinkatu 11, Helsinki). Continue reading »

Club Between Storeys


PLACE: Dubrovnik Lounge/Kino Andorra, Eerikinkatu 11, Helsinki – Finland

TIME: 9 PM till 2 AM

Get drunk on celebration with great bands and DJ’s at the premiere club of Love Between Storeys!

Love Between Storeys will roll in the walk-in theatre all night, while a handful of bands and our sultry DJ’s party with us in the Dubrovnik club. Our first musical act is yet to be announced, but Sleaze-rockers Opaque Buff hit the stage at midnight. DJs Astro-Sofia and Hanna Karina (You are the light) provides the soundtrack to a brilliant party in between acts.

So bring your dancing shoes with you or just enjoy the music and atmosphere!

Those still unfamiliar with Love Between Storeys should know it’s a quirky rom-com about two very different people trapped together in the lift of a fancy London law office.

Facebook EVENT

Facebook PAGE

5€ entry includes narikka.


- Nisse

Helsinki Short Film Festival

Love Between Storeys has been chosen to Helsingin lyhytelokuvafestivaali (Helsinki Shortfilm festival)!

Now we have our first festival show!

In other news:

Yesterdays NordMatch show was completeley frickin’ awesome. More on that later.


- Nisse

Premiere! November 2nd, Andorra Kino

Premiere: 2.11.2011 @ Club Andorra/Dubrovnik, Helsinki

Three bands will take the stage and rock out while Love Between Storeys screens all night till 2 AM in a walk in theatre. Show starts at 9 PM. 5 € ticket entry (includes narikka service).

More details later!

- Nisse

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