Valentine’s Week Showtimes

Love Between Storeys will be online for a week starting tomorrow, 14th of February at 5 PM GMT on YouTube.

Besides being online we have free shows around Europe. Our showtimes are the following:

14th of February, VALENTINE’S
Finland, Helsinki
16:00 – Nuorten toimintakeskus Happi (Tom & Nils-Erik will be present to talk about the production)
19:00 – Punavuoren Ahven (The Team will be present)

Finland, Tammisaari
17:00 – Axxell Auditorium

Finland, Jyväskylä
19:30 – Musta Kynnys (Findie Ilta)

Spain, Madrid
19:00 – 21:00 – Suomen Madridin – Instituutti

England, Kent
University Screening (Private)

Finland, Vantaa
19:00 – Havukosken Nuorisotalo (The Team will be present to talk about the production)

Hungary, Budapest
20:00 – Toldi Mozi

We have a Facebook event promoting the release. The trailer for Love Between Storeys can be viewed here.


- Nisse

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