An Introduction to Making Love Between Storeys

Making Love Between Storeys

MAKING LOVE BETWEEN STOREYS is a guide detailing main production aspects of the short film Love Between Storeys. This guide is aimed at people new to the DIY filmmaking scene, but it should also function as a reference to people and companies making a shift from running amateur to professional productions.

This guide IS NOT a definitive guide to how to make movies with a low budget. This is a guide about how we made Love Between Storeys.

Love Between Storeys

Love Between Storeys is a half hour romantic comedy about a hectic morning in central London, when two strangers get stuck in an office lift. The film was shot in seven days, six of which were spent shooting interior scenes in Helsinki, Finland, and one day shooting exterior scenes in London. The films budget was 2200 €.

The film’s leads were cast in London, while the rest of the cast are Helsinki-based actors. The crew consisted of Finnish amateurs and professionals from the arts scene in Finland. The production was lead by cultural management students Nils-Erik Ekblom, Tom Norrgrann and John Åhman.

Making Movies is not Rocket Science

As stated above, this guide is aimed at people new to the DIY filmmaking scene. Our goal with this guide is to shed light on the big steps you need to undertake when making a film, and we want to make a point of that it’s actually relatively simple to do the things we did. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are or what your education is. Getting your production to the next level is a piece of cake as long as you take the necessary precautions and time to plan things well and do the research. For example, NoFilmschool’s DSLR guide was a great resource for us, as it helped us figure out our needs when working with Canon DSLRs. Hint: never shoot handheld without some kind of brace. You will end up with some really jittery material.

Lyston Laurence and Aurélie Amblard as Adam and Jenny

In a nutshell: if you’re a person who’s itching to start something big, and spend hours upon hours on making plans and pondering about all the production possibilities that are out there, but for some reason never get to the stage of actually doing something, then this is the guide for you. Everything is possible. Making movies is not rocket science. Just get out there and start producing.

And if you fail: great. Now you know more than any new filmmaker on the block.

About The authors

Nils-Erik Ekblom is the main author of this guide, in cooperation with John Åhman as editor and graphic designer. Tom Norrgrann provides comments and insight in some of the sections.

John Åhman

1. Nils-Erik Ekblom, project coordinator, producer, co-director and co-writer

2. Tom Norrgrann, producer, co-director and co-writer

3. John Åhman, cinematographer, visual designer and producer

Release Schedule

For the next month we’ll be releasing the first part of the guide in 12 parts, detailing the building of our elevator set, from concept to woodwork, set dressing and finishing through lighting. Have a good read, and please don’t hesitate to leave comments or questions. If you prefer a more private line of communication you can reach me at: erik (at)

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Adam, Caroline & Mr Smith

Lyston Laurence, Jenni Asikainen and Jonathan Hutchings as Adam, Caroline and Mr Smith

Tower Bridge Vista

Aurélie on Tower Bridge


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