Wrapping It Up – An Epilogue

This marks the end of our Elevator Set series. Hope you had an enjoyable read!

Here’s a handy index page for every update: Making Love Between Storeys Index.

Love Between Storeys might be an elevator movie, but it certainly isn’t the only one. A while ago we stumbled upon this:

What you’re looking at is a bit of set designer Rory Buckley’s research blog. This is an excellent resource for more movie elevators (and ample proof that movie elevators almost never have mirrors in them).

Rummaging through the blog, we found some other fun links:


A YouTuber with over 3 000 elevator videos

If you wanna make Love Between Storeys or something akin to it we strongly suggest you read this to get to grips with your DLSR: NoFilmschool’s DSLR Guide, and cut your After Effects teeth on VideoCopilot. Most importantly, make something: gather up some people and arrange a real shoot. This is exactly what we did for our test shoots. We shot an extra Love Between Storeys scene instead of just fiddling with our lights and lenses. What we ended up with was a fun little short:

Of course, there’s a lot more that’s involved in making Love Between Storeys – we’ve only touched on building our set. Truth is, that was only one of our locations; we’ve been running up and down London and Helsinki shooting exteriors and interiors. We’ll see what we come up with in the future. If you have any questions, suggestions or corrections (like broken/outdated links), please leave a comment or contact me directly through: erik (at) betweenstoreys.com.

All future releases for Making Love Between Storeys and news of our project will be announced on our Facebook page, and on our website.

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Thanks again for reading! Spread the word, spread the love and get out there and do stuff!

With kind regards,

The LBS Team

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