Filmjournalen: LIVE!

The one and only Finnish-Swedish Film magazine Filmjournalen is throwing a free bash at Kino Andorra, so we’re going back to where we arranged Club Between Storeys back in November.

The one day festival screens Swedish shorts from Finland all day on April 14, 2012. Love Between Storeys kicks off the festival along with a slew of other fresh films at 11 AM.

Filmjournalen LIVE! Facebook Event

That’s Kino Andorra Eerikinkatu 11, Helsinki | April 14, 2012 | 11 AM | Free Entry

Filmjounalen also ran a big centerfold piece on Love Between Storeys in their first issue of 2012, which was great! Look at what it looks like:

Wanna read what they said? Learn Swedish and buy your own copy. This one's mine.

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