Watch Nils-Erik Ekblom’s & Marko S. Eronen’s doc NIGHTMARE (2008) online

I’ll be on Finnish local television tomorrow (4.9) at 07:30 AM talking about my experiences with Sleep Paralysis! I was asked to be in the program because I made a documentary about the subject with my good friend Marko S. Eronen. It was our thesis project at AXXELL City (page in Swedish/Finnish only). Completing this film was pretty much what made it clear to me that I want to make movies.

Nightmare is a highly personal and subjective documentary about my lifelong struggle with the phenomena and general problems caused by constant sleepless nights. I decided to link the full film here as there might be people interested in the subject.
Here’s the link to the film’s webpage.
- Wikipedia entry on Sleep Paralysis.

See ya!
- Nisse

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