An Introduction to Making Love Between Storeys

What is Making Love Between Storeys? Who made it and why? An intro to the blog series.


Making Love Between Storeys: The Elevator Set

Love Between Storeys is a short film about two strangers stuck in an office lift. That lift wasn’t real. In this introductory section we go through what our chapters, Concept, Woodwork, Set Dressing and Lighting are all about.


The Elevator Set: Concept

A lift isn’t just any four walls, a door and some buttons. There needs to be a vision for the design and a plan to make it happen. In this section we go through the planning stages of making an elevator set.

Why Build an Elevator?

What Should the Elevator Look Like?

How to Make the Space Visually Interesting

Light Sources

Where Should the Elevator be Built?

Who Does What?


The Elevator Set: Woodwork

What’s needed to build walls, a floor, a ceiling and doors? In this section we will take a look at what it took us to get the elevator standing and ready for set dressing.


The Floor


The Doors

Moving Doors


The Elevator Set: Set Dressing

In this section we will break down what we did to make the elevator set interesting, original and – most importantly – a set that answers to all the demands that the script has for the elevator.

Making the Walls Look Like Money

Building a Fancy Floor

Details and Logos

Digital Number Panel with Almost No Money at All

Floor Labels

Kingsley Elevator Console

The Prism Logo

No Smoking Sign

Tape is Your Friend – Unorthodox (But Practical) Solutions


The Elevator Set: Lighting

In this section of the guide we go through the different types of light we had set up in the elevator. This is the absolute meat of the guide, as light gives the final stroke to any image, and determines what moods you convey to the audience.

Making a Soft and Powerful Top Light

360 Degree Light Plan

Bouncing Light During Shooting

The Doors and Their Cardboard Brothers

The Floor Lights

Console & Label Lights

Modes & Moods

Normal Light


Emergency Light


The Elevator Set: Wrapping It Up – An Epilogue


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